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Decorating Your Home for Christmas

The time has come to start placing up Christmas decorations. However, before you rush off to your native store to buy this year’s assortment of baubles, wreaths and garlands, think caretotally about your adorning theme. Christmas themes can vary from traditional to modern; elegant to fun; natural to high-tech etc. Flick through a few magazines and websites for inspiration – then decide on an general scheme. Whatever you choose, it ought to complement your interior and your lifestyle.

Having chosen your Christmas theme, get out your earlier years’ adorning bits & pieces. Select those who would go with your present theme or might be adapted easily. Baubles, garlands, candles and zarnesti01 holders might be transformed simply with a bit of imagination. Baubles may be painted, stencilled, sprayed, wrapped or decorated with cloth, ribbons, glitter, pearls and beads. Garlands & wreath may be sprayed with metallic or frosted paint and decorated with berries, acorns, dried leaves, feathers and pearls – depending on your theme.

You may also decorate some of your glassware and tableware – spray or stencil them with removable paint and glitter or decorate them with removable stickers and film. Use your glass bowls, jars, vases and containers to display baubles, fairylights, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate items, glass beads and candles. Place these round your own home – or use them as a central piece in your Christmas dining table.

While you’ve personalized your current pieces and household items, look around a couple of shops to search out just a few bits and pieces to complete the look. It’s best to purchase easy pieces that can be decorated additional and adjusted in following years to suit different themes.

The 2 most necessary elements of Christmas decorating are the tree and the lighting. Nothing really beats the odor of a real pine tree, but if you want to create a trendy look, a pre-lit twig or feather tree could be the fitting option to suit your décor theme. The secret of a successful tree is to use a maximum of three colours, shapes and materials when dressing it. To create an interesting tree, make a few of your baubles edible – out of chocolate, candy, dried fruits & nuts.

When it involves lighting, use quite a lot of illumination systems. Wrap fairy & string lights round door frames & banisters, dangle them in the windows, pile them up in glass vases, run them across the dining table, or make them right into a garland. Use rope lights outside your home – round your home windows, doors, pathway and trees. Pile church candles collectively on the mantel, in large containers, across the dining table or in unused fireplaces. Put scented tea lights in your windows, on shelves and coffee tables.